Criminal Lawyers in gurgaon

Criminal lawyers are those lawyers who handles the case specially related to criminal activities whether you are charge for a crime against any person,organization,companies, or are charge any other theft ,misbehaving, eve teasing, these all offence comes in criminal activities. A criminal layers is trained in handling cases in defense of the individual person,companies and the person who is accused criminal offence.

And the best way to get rid of this situation is hiring a professional Lawyer So here come the role of justice in law. We have a specialized team of high rated criminal lawyer who handles the cases swiftly with a motive to resolve case as soon as possible.

When you should call a criminal Lawyer

  • In case you are arrested by the police due to so accusation of an offence,you can hire criminal lawyer and he will help you out and secure a bail for you as soon as possible.

  • If you have false charges on you by any other person then you can contact the criminal lawyer they will help you out a provide you instant bail and secure you case.

  • A criminal lawyer can fight a case for you and can help our our in getting away with the charges that the prosecution is putting on you.

  • Manly time comes a situation when you go to police station and they refuse to fill you FIR at that time a criminal lawyer can help you out with your report.

What are Criminal offences in india?

  • Theft , burglary,fraud

  • Rape and sexual harassment

  • Homicide and killing of endangered animals

  • Extortion and money laundering.

  • Dowry harassment and women exploitation

  • Caste atrocities and discrimination against person on the base of caste

  • Financial fraud and other money related frauds

  • Exploitation of children and child labour

  • Violence and illegal possession of substances

Why you should hire justice law firm?

  • Best lawyers who have a experience of decade and Lawyers from top institution of india: Our lawyers team have a decade of work experience and now All the updown of the criminal proceeding we strategies and take the case in a different direction and get their verdict in our favour

  • Affordable and flexible fees structure that will surely match to your budget: We have a flexible fees structure You can pay to us in cheque or in installment the way you like it totally depends on you. We don’t force our client as we know it is not easy to earn money , we give them sufficient time to do the payment.

  • Free consultation charges and support that you can’t Ignore: You can consult us for Free there are not any charge unlike other We consult every client thoroughly and share our approach to handle the case . We provide full fledge plan that we gonna use during court trials

  • Result oriented approach form the first day of hiring: Result that is what we focus on from the start. We take only one case at a time so that we can give our full concentration on the case on that we are working. We believe in customer satisfaction and provide the best approach to all the case.

  • Full up to date case record to monitor: We know that every client want to monitor their case, for that we provide them email support in which we provide them every update going on the case , so that you will be aware where is your case moving;

  • Transparent fees structure no hidden cost: Our fees structure is simple and transparent there are not any hidden cost related to that we will discuss the full fees details and not charge a single penny above that

  • Range of lawyers for different matters: All the lawyers are highly experienced and having a working a experience of at least a decade. The Success rate of lawyers is commendable and the lawyers are available as your requirement

  • Fast and instant result: We take only one case at a time so at a time only one lawyer is handling one client that is why we result we get is so fast. We didn't want to waste your time as time is money. We make sure to get the result in minimum time as possible.

What are the quality that you must see in the Lawyers before you hire him ?

  1. How many experience Lawyer have?

  2. Do you check out the amount of experience Lawyers has before hiring him. If you are not doing plz do that before hiring a Lawyers. The more the experience that lawyer has the more he will be trustworthy for you.

Testimonial and review

Review and testimonials are key factor that you must look upon befor hiring the lawyers .More the rating and good review better will be the lawyer. But be aware some lawyers use fall rating and review to attract their client, you must know the difference between genuine review and the fake review

Designation and practice area

You should check out the practice area of lawyer before appointing him and the court in which he has practised.

Fees and budget

Money is not grow on tree, so you should check out and discuss you budget with them and according to that you shortlist the right lawyers for you. I have seen some Lawyers who charge different amount for the same service to different client seeing their budget.

TIme bound result

Lawyers that you are going to hire must provide you time bound result. Result must be time bound and within the budget of the individual . Ask him that how much time you will take to finish the case and what are the ways in which they handle that case

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