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Justice law firm lawyers are specialized in family law. our firm has the best lawyers in Gurgaon. Our lawyers have a decade of experience in dealing with the family disputes. Family law includes disputes related to the adoption, divorce, and child custody. Our lawyers have nearly 95% success rate in family-related disputes. We always make sure that court result comes in the favor of our clients. We have a specialized department who handle all the cases related to family law.

Family law is a practice area which consists of legal issues related to adoption, divorce and child custody, prenuptial agreement, Paternity and Alimony, Paternity, family disputes. In short family, lawyers look after all the family related issue and provide the Legal solution to the family.If you are looking best family lawyer in Gurgaon then you can hire justice law firm.

What are the reasons to hire Family lawyer

Family lawyer for “Divorce”

If you want a divorce and are looking for Alimony and property settlement then family Lawyers are there for you, directing you toward court trials. They will make sure that case will go in your favor. All the documents and legal paperwork will be done by them. Hire a good experience lawyer is must do the job. You must check and hire best family Lawyer for you legal case.

Family lawyer for “Paternity”

Family lawyer are also expert in handling paternity cases, Generally, a paternity case is filled by the women. It is a situation when the biological father of a child abandon his wife and child. Mother of a child can filled case against the biological father of the child. Some time father also filed the case to prove relation with his child. The case is proved in court by the help of a DNA test of both mother and father.

Family lawyer for Adoption

Adoption is a legal process which requires proper trials in court. Family lawyers assist their client during court trials. If you are looking for adopting a new child then you must consult family Lawyer , so that you don’t face any adoption problem in the future.

Family lawyer for Child Custody

If you are newly divorced and there is a dispute over child custody then you must Hire family lawyers they are experts in child custody. Generally, there are two types of custody:

  • Family lawyer for “Legal Custody” It deals with the financial support that each parent should provide their children and the amount of time that they must dedicate to their child. It is also about the division of the responsibility among the children.

  • Family lawyer for “Physical Custody” Physical custody deals about the custody of the child which among the parent will live in a house with the child. You can challenge for the custody of the child in the court and if you are proved to the most appropriate in the eye of the judge then you will get custody of your child.

Division of property among family Member

Division of property among the family Member is also a common issue among family members. Sometimes you don’t get what your rights are at that time you can consult with the family Lawyer they will assist you with the property issue and make sure you get your right.

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance is related to the financial assistance that must be provided by the spouse to the other partner. If somehow one of the spouses disagree about support issues, then one can go to the court and file case in the court and protect his/her rights.

Why should you hire a justice law firm for a family lawyer in Gurgaon?

Family Lawyers having a decade of experience :

Our lawyer's team have a decade of work experience and now All the up-down of the criminal proceeding we strategies and take the case in a different direction and get their verdict in our favor. All the Lawyers are awarded and top rated. We have a team of best family Lawyer in Gurgaon.

Affordable and flexible fees structure

Affordable fees structure as per your requirement. We at justice law firm don’t force our client for fees. We provide assistance first and then after that, we consider fees. The result is more we focus on. Our family lawyers are best in Gurgaon and is awarded several Award.

100% Free consultation charges and support that you can’t Ignore

You can consult us for our best family lawyer in Gurgaon. We provide 100% Free consultation there are not any charges unlike other, We consult every client thoroughly and share our approach to handle the case . We provide the full-fledged plan that we gonna use during court trials.

Result oriented approach

Our history and track records say well about us and make us best family lawyer in Gurgaon. The result is what we focus on from the start. We take only one case at a time so that we can give our full concentration on the case on that we are working. We believe in customer satisfaction and provide the best approach to all the case. The result is our topmost priority.

Monitor your Case

We know that every client wants to monitor their case, for that we provide them email support in which we provide them every update going on the case so that you will be aware where is your case moving. We will provide you with client id by which you can monitor the way your case is moving and what is the action we have taken. This distinguishes us from another family lawyer in Gurgaon and make us top rated firm for the best family Lawyer in gurgaon.

Transparent fees structure no hidden cost

Our fees structure is simple and transparent there are not any hidden cost apart from what we have discussed, we don’t charge a single penny above that. The range of lawyers for different matters. All the lawyers are highly experienced and have a working an experience of at least a decade. The Success rate of lawyers is commendable and the lawyers are available as your requirement. We have on of the best family Lawyer team in Gurgaon.

Fast and instant result

We are the best when it comes to giving result in scheduled time. Our team of best family lawyer. We take only one case at a time so at a time only one lawyer is handling one client that is why result we get is so fast. We didn't want to waste your time as time is money. We make sure to get the result in minimum time as possible. Our family lawyer teams of Gurgaon is best in getting a result on time. You can check our review from our client and choose best among the family lawyer in gurgaon.

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